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Kentucky 4-H Livestock Judging All-Star Gold Teams

Beginning in 1969, Kentucky transitioned from a county-based team that represented the state at the National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest to an All-Star "Gold Team" comprised of the top livestock judges from across the state.  To qualify for the "Gold Team", the top 12 overall placing 4-H youth at the Kentucky 4-H Livestock Judging Contest attend Top 12 Week for additional training.  Eight of the youth attending Top 12 Week are selected for additional training and participation in several regional and national livestock judging contests in the Fall of the year.  From this select group, the top four youth are chosen to be members of the Kentucky 4-H All-Star Gold Livestock Judging Team.  The following are past members of this elite livestock judging team.

If you can fill in some of the missing gaps of information for previous Gold Team members, please contact Dr. Richard Coffey.

Paul Conner (Clinton County)
Sue Ann Meng (Warren County)
Linda Goldey
Pete Midden



Keith Bradford (Harrison County)

Roy Stump (Christian County)
Ed Slack (Todd County)
James Tingle (Henry County)

Charles Orange (Logan County)
Paul Graham (Warren County)
Walter Moffett (Anderson County)
Joe Tamme (Boyle County)


Bruce Pritchett (Henderson County)
Steve Powell (Henderson County)
Jerry Pile (Breckinridge County)
Steve Wallace (Caldwell County)


Kevin Ellis (Boyle County)
Eddie Tamme (Boyle County)
Allen Goggin (Boyle County)
Steve Tamme (Boyle County)
Cliff Applegate
Martin Lowe, Jr.
Lewis Goggin (Boyle County)
Lynn Graham Cofield (Warren County)
David Miles (Shelby County)

Tim Hendrick (Henderson County)
John Johnson (Jefferson County)
Harry Horn (Boyle County)
Mary Nell Southerland (Boyle County)

Theo Tamme (Boyle County)
David Ragland (Larue County)
Bryan Horn (Boyle County)
Ricky Deweese (Hickman County)

Meg Graham Davis (Warren County)
Darrell Powell (Henderson County)
Hugh Johns (Henderson County)
Scott Weakley (Shelby County)

Joe Goggin (Boyle County)
Joe Myers (Montgomery County)
Jimmy Joe Hale (Calloway County)
David Wallace (Caldwell County)

Terry Burks (Barren County)
David Glimp (Boyle County)
Gil Cowles (Warren County)
David McVey
Gregg Thorton (Larue County)

Lydell Hidson (Caldwell County)
Regina Powell O'Nan (Christian County)
Phillip McCoun (Shelby County)
Ronald Powell (Henderson County)

No team this year
Jim Akers (Hardin County)
Cindy Smith Crume (Warren County)
Kim Gray Ragland (Larue County)
Kelly Smith (Warren County)

Samantha Hancock (Christian County)
Lori Tingle Vegh (Henry County)
John Bill Calhoun (Christian County)
Brian Smiley (Christian County)

Amanda Cannon Ashby (Christian County)
Todd Casey (Christian County)
Michael Gardner (Barren County)
Saralyn Porter Hite (Christian County)

Davis Holder (Monroe County)
Todd Shewmaker (Mercer County)
Thomas Oldfield (Bath County)
Alan Watts (Christian County)

Daryle Fryman (Scott County)
Richard Midden (Bourbon County)
Scott Sewell (Madison County)
John Callebs (Clark County)

David Campbell (Lincoln County)
Brent Williams (Boyle County)
Corrine Phillips Fetter (Mason County)
John Bell (Scott County)

Jamie Bell (Bracken County)
Wes Porter (Christian County)
Shane Carlin (Boone County)
Ernest Stith (Meade County)

Brian Ishmael (Harrison County)
Jason P'Pool (Trigg County)
Matt Lundy (Nelson County)
Andrew Watss (Christian County)

L.W. Beckley (Estill County)
Jamie Johnson (Mason County)
Tad Campbell (Mason County)
Bart Jones (Warren County)

Jennifer Stephenson (Boone County)
John Mahan (Fayette County)
Brandon Oliver (Trigg County)
Chris Rogers (Powell County)

Julie Hicks Gentry (McLean County)
Aaron Reding (Nelson County)
Jodi P'Pool (Trigg County)
Jason Sandefur (Trigg County)

Jason Groth (Fayette County)
Carrie Lynch Taylor (Fayette County)
Melanie Johnson Gentry (McLean County)
Kevin Stith (Meade County)

Brad Tanner (McLean County)
Sarah Hicks Bennett (McLean County)
Mark Humphries (Trigg County)
Abby Harmon Coyle (Washington County)

John Hampton (Christian County)
Leslie Asburn (Mason County)
Brian Jackson (Bourbon County)
Melinda Gray (Mason County)

Laura Gail King (Trigg County)
Brian Carroll (Meade County)
Preston Reeves (Christian County)
Rob Prewitt (Pendleton County)

Bart Giles (Christian County)
Michael Webster (Christian County)
Amanda Cox Gibson (Estill County)
Chad Asbury (Mason County)

Nathan Brame (Christian County)
Clint Quarles (Scott County)
Tony Stoeppel (Harrison County)
Colleen Stoeppel (Harrison County)

Aaron Hartman (Shelby County)
Ellie Fryman (Boone County)
Bret Jackson (Bourbon County)
Britteni Kane (Harrison County)

Jeff Zinner (Boyle County)
Tim Zoglmann (Daviess County)
Daisy Fryman (Boone County)
John Allen Mason (Bourbon County)
Katie Ellis (Boyle County)
Erin Lynch (Fayette County)
Fran Korthaus (Shelby County)
Hanna Leitsinger (Boone County)
Justin Jackson (Mercer County)
James Ridgeway (Mercer County)
Kelly Stoeppel (Harrison County)

Brent Brockman (Adair County)
Shannon Wade (Harrison County)
Michelle Ogden (Hardin County)
Shelly Wade (Harrison County)

Lindsay Berry (Hart County)
Mike Meyer (Harrison County)
Cindy Harris (Shelby County)
Rachel Speaks (Kenton County)

2005  Team Photo
Brandon Ellis (Boyle County)
Elizabeth Riley (Christian County)
Josh Pruitt (Hopkins County)
Mallory Penick (Kenton County)
  2006  Team Photo
Catherine Riley (Christian County)
Jaclyn Farris (Clark County)
Molly Beeler (Grayson County)
Kelsey Watson (Calloway County)

2007  Team Photo
Katie Caudill (Montgomery County)
Cassie Hendon (Calloway County)
Colleen Rouse (Boone County)
Leslie Reynolds (Boyle County)


2008  Team Photo
Logan Goggin (Boyle County)
Cory Wallace (Christian County)
Thomas Lundy (Nelson County)
Kelsey Culp (Jessamine County)

2009  Team Photo
Colby Myers (Boyle County)
Caleb Sadler (Nicholas County)
Chelsey Schlosnagle (Shelby County)
Annie Garland (Montgomery County)
  2010  Team Photo
Courtney Tarvin (Bracken County)
Courtney Stokes (Caldwell County)
Jessica Johnson (Boyle County)
Beckham Sharpe (Boyle County)
2011  Team Photo
Luke Arthur (Harrison County)
Megan Harper (Calloway County)
Mackenzie Penick (Kenton County)
Tyler Bitzer (Shelby County)

2012   Team Photo
Travis Drumm (Clark County)
Jacob Embry (Clark County)
Renee Laurent (Caldwell County)
Allison Tarvin (Bracken County)


No team this year



2014   Team Photo
Jacob Barnes (Harrison County)
Corbin Cowles (Warren County)
Andrew Glass (Shelby County)
Levi Stephenson (Shelby County)

2015  Team Photo

Jeremiah Cupps (Boone County)

Rachel Drumm (Clark County)

Madison Kelly (Christian County)

Taylor Ray (Shelby County)








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